Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. We can try our best to remove permanent stains but sometimes they doesn’t come off so don’t take guarantee for that.

2. We will not refund the booking fee if you cancel the job please.

3. Parking for our vehicle must be arranged by the customer.

4. Electricity and running water must be available at the scheduled time.

5. Customer has to remove all the furniture and rubbish before the scheduled time.

6. If the house is in extra dirty condition then we will charge extra.

7. If you want to cancel the job then please allow us minimum $24 hours otherwise $150 cancellation fee will be charged.

8. Full payment will be charged before starting the job.

9. If your realestate is not happy with our cleaning then we will come back for redo and the maximum time for this is two weeks.

10. Mould is a very common problem in the apartment and sometimes it grows under the silicone (caulking) so we can’t remove that ,may be you need to call handyman to fill the new