Who doesn’t want to take a view from their neat & clean window ? Window Cleaning by no means an easy task unless done by a professional window cleaner. However, if you’re really without an option, here Cheap and Best Cleaning shares some important step-by-step window cleaning guidance upon which you can get back the lost sheen of the window.

  • At first, get all the required equipment. Don’t just start right away ! Check if the brushes are neatly cleaned after previous cleaning. Any uncleaned brush might mess up the whole cleaning work. That’s why its important to check whether or not all the equipment is cleaned & in proper working order.
  • Start with cleaning all the webs and dirt present in the window. For a cleaning solution, take a bucket and mix mild warm water along with the appropriate amount of liquid soap or vinegar. Remember, if you apply too strong cleaning solutions, it may damage the surrounding of the window pane.
  • Now, take the sponge, dip it into the bucket then gently apply it to the window. While applying, the direction depends upon the comfortable of the cleaner. Basically, it’s recommended to follow the cleaning direction from top to bottom, since the solution flows towards the bottom.
  • Now, take the dry cloth rub the cleaning solution in the top to the bottom direction or the circular direction. You can also consider wiping the window with the help of squeegee. It generally helps wipe out sticky dirt that the cloth brings.
  • After you complete the window, move out for another one. But before that remember to squeeze the cloth with the help of Squeezer.
  • Repeat the process with the other windows also.
  • While cleaning outside window, bucket on a belt is most important equipment. It helps to get a quick access to the cleaning solutions. The process of cleaning the outside window is similar to that of inside window.
  • Focus on one window at a time. This prevents the cleaning solution applied in the window to become dry and ultimately provides an efficient and effective result.

Note: This guide will definitely help you to clean your window, step by step. But if you are looking for trained cleaner to do the job on your behalf, contact Cheap and Best Cleaning now. We have already acquired enough experience in the cleaning business with returned clients.

Cheap and Best is a cleaning expert who provides windows cleaning along with bond cleaning, end of lease cleaning, tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more in Bayswater, Melbourne and other parts of Victoria.

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